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Running a Liferay Portal, at a fair price
Ultrafast, highly secure and hassle free
Liferay development faster than ever
Build your Liferay portal directly from your browser
Get Liferay up and running today
Discover Liferay Portal in the cloud
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See Liferay in action

Based on our cloud platform you can see a full live demo of Liferay Portal here, in your browser. We'll also tell you everything about it, while you're at it.


When choosing a managed hosting solution for Liferay it's good to know that we're as cost-effective as our competitors.
Maybe even cheaper.

Rapid Development

Developing new Liferay functionality the old fashioned way might be expensive and time consuming. Now you can speed up the process and save money.


Firelay is constantly searching for integrators to partner with, so we can both focus on what we're good at for the benefit of our customers. Let's work together!
See Liferay 7 in action!
Firelay is the only place on the web with a cloud demo of Liferay 7

Liferay hosting by Firelay

What if anything goes wrong

In case of emergency we've got you covered with our 15x7 or 24x7 maintenance and support. Or even high availability systems, if you run business critical portals.  

Read about Maintenance & Support 
How safe and reliable is Firelay

Our ISO27001 certified Liferay Reference Hosting Architecture is setup for guaranteed up-time of 97,6% or 99,9%. Up to you.  

Read about reliablility 
Firelay & Liferay: why such a perfect marriage

We know Liferay in and out and that's why you get the best maintenance and support available.  

What is Firelay exactly 
I have a short timeframe to launch my Liferay portal

We do this on a daily basis, that's why we can get your project up and running in 20 minutes.  

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How can I manage Liferay for my customers

Monetise your experience and start building Liferay portals on our cloud platform  

Start building 
Can I test-drive your cloud platform with Liferay before I buy it?

Of course you can, try it without obligations and get a 15-day trial after you sign up.  

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